Your high is my drug

Your love is my high
I get drunk every time your inside
I want you to lift me up
Slide though
Make me fall In love
You trapped me
And now I’m addicted
And I’m okay with that
Just promise me
You’ll never stop poisoning me
Tell me that I mean the world to you
Your love is my high
Baby get me drunk and high too
Listen up boy I can’t get over you
You trapped me and now I’m crazy for you
I want you to lift me up and get me high too
You made me fall in love with you


Dear Mama

Dear Mama

When I seen those tears run down your face the other night

I wanted to hurry and take you away from the bitch that say he love you

I was down and ready to run

Far away and take you somewhere that could put a smile on ya face

Dear Mama

I pray that god will open your eyes

I pray that he can release you from the world that you feel is perfect enough

You’re a goddess that deserves a throne

Dear Mama

Stop trying to cover the truth

Because the other night you got lost in reality

And the mother you were that night

I couldn’t recognize you

Dear Mama

Set yourself FREE


Pull the trigger

Pull the trigger

I seen my mother become less than a woman

She was weaker then life when a man came along

She felt as if a man would define love that her own children could provide

Pull the trigger

She shot her own self in the heart

Every time she lost a fight

She took the gun and failed to defend herself

Mama your own will never let me down and drown

But everyday I seen you drown deep  and deeper into boiling water

I told you to value yourself

So I can see how a real man  suppose to treat a woman

Pull the trigger no one is going to do it for you

Let go of the past because the present isn’t worth your suffering

How can you define love?

When the man you love cant define it for you?

Pull the trigger


This day I hated being a woman

I hated being a woman
Because women are innocent creatures
We are known as ” sensitive” and ” loving ”
I hate it
We become numb to life especially when loving someone is involved
We tend to give more than we are willing to receive
I hate that I loved you but I couldn’t help myself
I didn’t realize that I loved you as much as I did until I lost you
I hated being a woman that day
We tend to get attached to these men too easily only getting our heart broken
That was me!
Driving in that car late nights just to be with you
That was me !
crying after you hurt me
That was me!
Wishing that you never gave me your number
That was me !
Hating to see you
That was all me NOT you
That was hurting after your broke my heart into pieces

What else is there

You don’t want to talk

Save that for someone else

You say you’re fine but why are you lying

You walk away once again and I pretend like everything’s OK

No, not this time

You want to hug to act like  everything’s around us is right

Man I don’t want to hear it because now I’m mad

If you can’t talk to me

Thats  a  problem

Why you can’t open up to me

Oh ,but when it’s one of your friends you tell long

I hate it I hate you

I don’t even know if I can take it

I want to say I’m done but maybe it’s just anger getting in the way

Yeah, I love you

Even though I don’t want to let you go

But I can’t help but say I’m done

I have to move on

You Both

When I think of you I feel hate

you  lied to me and broke what I thought was special for me

I blame all the hurt on myself ,but I realized you two caused the pain

I can’t face you

yeah that’s true, but it’s all  because of you two

I was blinded by all the facts

you don’t know how much you hurt me but I noticed that you said  sorry

In the end what we had we both don’t have anymore

and now I feel good and don’t have to worry anymore

I was there for you when you always put me last and now look at you starting back from the beginning and now I can still say  I am at the finish line and trust me I was never jealous just knew the facts

In the end you lost and I found someone that  puts a smile on my face

**** My Reflection Series****


Confusion is truly a curse

Maybe even a disease

feels like you are always dizzy and don’t see what direction you are going

Compared  to my heart

Which is undecided ,confused sometimes it feels like it’s not even beating

pressure on the heart seems confusing and who knows you may even feel the same way

feeling of the heart dropping ,stopping ,or beating slowly

confusing right never really know how the heart feels until a heart attack occurs

maybe this poem is even confusing if only you weren’t so confused you would actually understand

****My Reflection Series ******

A Woman’s Thoughts

If there is someone special in your life cherish every moment you have with them. The more ya’ll are together the more she will continue to have that sparkling smile on her face. Women don’t ask for much. Just roses, a nice letter or a walk will do just fine because the most important thing to a woman is attention. Every woman craves that attention from their partner. When we don’t get it we tend to feel lonely or feel like we aren’t good enough. Who wants to feel that way when there are so many people on this earth that can love us the way we want to be loved. Remember love goes both ways NOT half way.