The Truth

I write because writing is a pathway to express yourself. Yesterday my day was great , but it turned into something unexpected. I just got from work and decided to go to dollar general and bilo to pick up some snacks and feminine products. After I walked out the store and I noticed that my tire was flat. I began to freak out. So many thoughts were running through my mind.I called my mom ,but she didn’t answer. I called my younger sibling, still no answer. I couldn’t get in touch wih anyone. Then I realized that I forgot to call my older sister. So I  called  keya and she answered. Finally. I thought to myself. My sister wasn’t able to help of course. So I prayed to god and hoped I got home safe on a flat tire. I was scared to drive  my car after I seen that I had a flat tire but I had no one else to depend on but myself. I ended up getting home safely. Even though all  I could think about is how no one was there for me when I needed them the most. Im always there for  my family even if they are looking for hand outs. I guess I didnt matter.


++++++My Reflection Series ++++++

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