My Trophy

Girls are looked as trophies

In a guys eyes

We all know that this is no surprise

Most look to fill their trophy cases

With trophies from different places

But there is seven percent of guys just like me

It is hard being in the shadow of ninety three

I just want one trophy

And I have always been hoping that I could have one

The one that I can look back on

Having a life time of memories

Knowing that I love her

She is my one and only

Nothing can come above her

She has my heart in her hands

Without her there is no happiness

I look at our pictures and say this is where life begins

My love for you is strong

I just hope you can handle it

I only ask one thing

Please don’t abandon me

Because your the only girl I see

You are my greastest accomplishment

That is why your my trophy

Written By: Pryce Sullivan

**Dedicated to Caitlin Washington**

One thought on “My Trophy

  1. Really like this poem, move me in so many different ways it’s all so true. In this generation its hard to find the right person who really knows and sees ur worth.


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