Undo Time

Feeling used but I’m still wanting you

Can’t stop thinking about you

All this time has passed by and I still can remember how your lips felt pressed against mine

I wish we could press rewind


Sexual Relaps

Show tonight

Lets get down and dirty

Show you right

I get on the pole and do the things you like

Turn off the lights

It’s going down tonight

No more talking

Lets get excited and tease your body


Blinding Shade

I can’t be mad at you because all I want is to get closer to you like magnets

It’s nothing but attraction but when we get together it’s nothing but static

Isn’t that tragic

When I look into your eyes I feel nothing but magic

Then you become my distraction

Fabricating all your tactics

Your Treatment

I don’t let my walls down but when I’m with you all I do is drown
when we are together I don’t ever frown
I don’t let too many people in but you get admission
You have all my attention
You are the one I continue to keep on missing
When I think of us I think a forever in the past I never thought I would’ve found my treasure