Dear Best Friend

“When you find out that your crush has been crushing on you “
I remember my sophomore year of high school when I meet you in medical terminology I never would’ve thought we would build on something that ended up in a friendship. At first we were innocent teenagers with a lot of ego that didn’t seem to match up but, then a spark happened and the next man blew it out.
We continued to stay friends but we both knew we were more than just two friends that hung out when one of us was alone and needed to see a smiling face every now and then. That spark never went away even after we departed from being something to nothing. You always told me that you never stopped loving me. I could never say anything back because once upon a time I loved you until you gave up on me. You gave up on us and the trust we had was so little. I was the insecure one while you were the one trying to show me how secure I was with you. But I was young and In denial I couldn’t view myself with someone like you… now all I can do is look back on what I should have or how it would be with a man like you that I considered a friend . I can’t stop caring or wanting to know how it would be if we decided to take a leap on faith. Truth be told I rather love you from a distance because if we break each other heart we both can’t come from it again.
We use to “ crush on each other “ but now we’re broken apart

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