I’m Not The Woman I Claim to be

All I ever wanted was for someone to see me because at the end of the day I’m not the woman I claim to be

There is something deep within me that gives me the knowledge that I am not the woman I use to be

Hiding behind the silk sheets

The love I have  is still sweet even though I was poisoned by the man of foolery

Standing side by side as we should be

Whispering in my ear

This relationship is my fear

Only wondering why am I still  here

Should I be fighting for something that isn’t even clear

All I could ever do is shed a tear


I am not the woman I claim to be

All I ever did was hide behind those silk sheets


Cheating Delivery

God lead me to another place
Where everything I asked for was given to me
But I wasn’t able to see
Seemed as if my spirit was asleep
I didn’t realize I was cheating
Lied to myself
Broke my own heart
God told me that everything will be alright
Having to stop and give thanks to god for taken my own burden
He healed me
I stopped cheating on me