Natural Beauty


Cheating Delivery

God lead me to another place
Where everything I asked for was given to me
But I wasn’t able to see
Seemed as if my spirit was asleep
I didn’t realize I was cheating
Lied to myself
Broke my own heart
God told me that everything will be alright
Having to stop and give thanks to god for taken my own burden
He healed me
I stopped cheating on me


Someone loved me through the bad times even when there was many nights I cried
I thought I lost you ,but you said you can’t stop loving me overnight even though I wasn’t treating you right
I was foolish for ever thinking I could ever find someone better
You are the man that I could only see myself loving forever
Someone like you taught me how to be a better woman inside and out
I can only thank you for showing me the proper way of loving someone
Someone like you
God blessed me with allowing you to love someone like me

Mommy’s Possible Angel

Lately , I’ve been thinking about my progress and how my life may end up playing another role. If God does bless me with an angel, even though I’m young I would not regret you. I would cherish you and love you in every way. I will give you all of me even when I’m on empty. I will show you the world and never abandon you like my mother and father did to me. I will love you more than I love myself. I will listen when you have a problem and wipe away your tears when you’re sad. I will try my best as your mama to put a smile on your face for the rest of my days. – Mommy’s possible angel

Dear God

Over the  years I came to realize that all things aren’t meant for me

All things aren’t meant  to go my way

Over the years I’ve noticed how I began to take things for granted

I refuse to hold myself back due to other peoples’ judgement

Listening to others instead of myself I began to notice how I lost myself , confidence , integrity especially my smile

I feel as if I lost everything

From the car I drive to the bed I lay in isn’t mine

Both are just material things

I want to be whole again


Make me feel worthy of life

Make me feel like I have a plan

Guided me so I can’t make a wrong turn

And I promise God , I’ll be alright



Save Me because I can’t do it alone

Save me
Save me from this place called home
It’s like living all alone
Where your mind becomes your escape and your spirit is gone
Only wishing for God to hurry up and answer the phone
If only your true emotions were shown
It’s like dialing the numbers of the phone and no ones there to even listen to the dial tone
Save me
So I can be on my way to a loving home
And tell God I’ll call him when I need a friend to depend on