What else is there

You don’t want to talk

Save that for someone else

You say you’re fine but why are you lying

You walk away once again and I pretend like everything’s OK

No, not this time

You want to hug to act like  everything’s around us is right

Man I don’t want to hear it because now I’m mad

If you can’t talk to me

Thats  a  problem

Why you can’t open up to me

Oh ,but when it’s one of your friends you tell long

I hate it I hate you

I don’t even know if I can take it

I want to say I’m done but maybe it’s just anger getting in the way

Yeah, I love you

Even though I don’t want to let you go

But I can’t help but say I’m done

I have to move on

You Both

When I think of you I feel hate

you  lied to me and broke what I thought was special for me

I blame all the hurt on myself ,but I realized you two caused the pain

I can’t face you

yeah that’s true, but it’s all  because of you two

I was blinded by all the facts

you don’t know how much you hurt me but I noticed that you said  sorry

In the end what we had we both don’t have anymore

and now I feel good and don’t have to worry anymore

I was there for you when you always put me last and now look at you starting back from the beginning and now I can still say  I am at the finish line and trust me I was never jealous just knew the facts

In the end you lost and I found someone that  puts a smile on my face

**** My Reflection Series****


Confusion is truly a curse

Maybe even a disease

feels like you are always dizzy and don’t see what direction you are going

Compared  to my heart

Which is undecided ,confused sometimes it feels like it’s not even beating

pressure on the heart seems confusing and who knows you may even feel the same way

feeling of the heart dropping ,stopping ,or beating slowly

confusing right never really know how the heart feels until a heart attack occurs

maybe this poem is even confusing if only you weren’t so confused you would actually understand

****My Reflection Series ******

A Woman’s Thoughts

If there is someone special in your life cherish every moment you have with them. The more ya’ll are together the more she will continue to have that sparkling smile on her face. Women don’t ask for much. Just roses, a nice letter or a walk will do just fine because the most important thing to a woman is attention. Every woman craves that attention from their partner. When we don’t get it we tend to feel lonely or feel like we aren’t good enough. Who wants to feel that way when there are so many people on this earth that can love us the way we want to be loved. Remember love goes both ways NOT half way.

Timed Love

Loving you   was like a time clock

Waiting to tell you how I truly felt was like opening up a door I wasn’t ready to walk thru

Scared to reveal how my heart craved your love back in return

I know deep inside you never thought I could love someone like you

But you were so different and I couldn’t help how bad I wanted you

I wanted you as my own

Even if you are scared to give your aching heart away

Afraid in getting denied of your love is even worse



Misleading Adventure

Walking away isn’t as easy as I thought it would be

Still continuing to think about you

Missing you on days when I’m not with you

I’m sad when I leave and you’re not with me

This was only supposed to be a temporary thing but you gave me my inspiration back

And you inspired me to write again

You were my light through a dark tunnel

A beautiful blessing that was hidden

You became full time while I became amused by your stories



Can’t focus
With all your evil manner
Having no business “here”
Can’t wait till I go off with the man who shines upon me
I’ll be “here” ready to fall into his arms
Just want to go away to a place only for me to be happy
I can’t stand being “here” without a smile on my face
I ask myself what am I doing “here”
I can’t wait till I break from all this haterd
Let’s start over
Go to a place only where angels go
See you later
I’m standing “here” next to the gates of heaven

Cry Out

Hear my cries

Tears dripping from my face

My cries are to be seen

My tears are to shed from all my pain inside

Wondering when will it stop

You said that you would stop creating all the pain you caused me

I’m tired of crying

All I want is for you to disappear from my life


*****My Reflection Series*****