“Let her go” , she says

wash away

Act like a lady

She says

Wear your natural hair

“It’s beautiful “

She says

Wash away those tears

Which she never sees

Cross your legs, sit up straight

Be someone your not

She says

And see how that turns out for you

All you want to do is change me

What if I’m perfect enough just for me

Is that not good enough for you

Why can’t you accept me?

Why can’t I fix you?

She says



Loving You Is My Battlefield

Open your heart for me

Because I’m tired of fighting alone

I’ve given you everything in me to prove how much I’m willing to fight for you

Loving you is nothing but a battlefield

Even when I’m fighting alone

I’m willing to wait for you to fight for me too along the way but four years has past by and I have yet to see  you go to war for me

Can you carry my heart in your  hand like you carry that gun so close to your heart

Are you able to get on one knee and prove your love to me

If the answer is no

I refuse to keep on loving you and waiting for the gun to drop

I’ll walk away and go fight on another battlefield

Loving you has done nothing but improve you

Only giving myself half of me

Loving you is my battlefield and I’m ready to call off duty





I’m Not The Woman I Claim to be

All I ever wanted was for someone to see me because at the end of the day I’m not the woman I claim to be

There is something deep within me that gives me the knowledge that I am not the woman I use to be

Hiding behind the silk sheets

The love I have  is still sweet even though I was poisoned by the man of foolery

Standing side by side as we should be

Whispering in my ear

This relationship is my fear

Only wondering why am I still  here

Should I be fighting for something that isn’t even clear

All I could ever do is shed a tear


I am not the woman I claim to be

All I ever did was hide behind those silk sheets